Mixed greens, tomato, cucumber and carrot

Banana Pudding

Brown Butter Blondies

Apple Slaw

Smoked Mac&Cheese

Cavatappi drenched in a 5 cheese blend, Finished off in the smoker

Baked Beans Brulee

Clarified butter is browned to give these a nutty finish

Green Beans

Savory White Northern  Finished with a torched brown sugar glaze

Coleslaw sweetened with apples and cranberries

Hand trimmed green beans, honey ham and maple syrup drizzle

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Green Salad

Rich & creamy, full of fresh bananas, layered with classic chessman cookies

Signature Sides

Slow smoked full Angus Beef* brisket, point to flap

Using oak and pecan wood to ensure the right blend

Sauce is optional but not necessary, this brisket is perfect as is

*Wagyu (American Kobe) available upon request

The Brisket